Laurent S.A.

Machines for industrial packaging lines


Founded in 1970 by Raymond Laurent, Laurent SA is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of packaging machines for SMEs and large industrial groups. Based in Pontailler sur Saône in Burgundy, we design and test all our packaging machines in offices and workshops with a floor area of more than 3000m2. The 3D design and development of prototypes allows us to continuously extend the machine range including:

  • Lid/cap positioners/sorters
  • Positioners/sorters of cans and other products
  • Straighteners of bottles and jars
  • Capping machines, lidding machines
  • Unstacking machines

We examine all your projects for optimized and productive industrial packaging lines in line with each sector of activity. We guarantee the quality of products with ideal conveyance conditions.

We comply with all the main safety standards and international construction methods by incorporating secure PLCs (door interlock, lotto, risk analysis, etc.)

Our History

Seeking a partner to guide and sort bulk lids/caps, a mustard maker asked Laurent SA for help with its jars in 1973. The challenge was taken up by the company, which gradually established itself as an expert in capping on a national scale.

As a long-standing partner of Nestlé, Laurent SA expanded its production internationally in 1991 with high-performance lidding systems to flare the skirt of lids before placing them. This design, developed by our design office, allows us to fit tamper-proof lids to a wide range of cans found on the C77 and C77sco capping machines.

At the cutting edge of innovation, Laurent SA then became the world leader in the high-speed fitting of positioned lids. At the same time, we designed plastic bottle positioners and sorters. With straightforward solutions, we have offered multi-format systems with automatic adjustment and multiple outfeeds on several dozen lines.

Since 2012 we have specialized in the field of air conveyors that provide for reliable, flexible and maintenance-free product conveyance. We are now no longer limited by conveyor ascents, descents, curves and lengths.

Laurent SA has diversified its machines through constant reconsideration of their performance, accessibility and speed, and now offers a range of machines tailored to each sector of activity. All our machines have been developed by focusing on their usability, aesthetics, safety and efficiency to provide each of our customers with productive, profitable packaging lines.