Compact lidding machine for fitting tamper-proof lids and hinge caps on an ad hoc basis.

The C77-1H lidding machine allows the fitting of tamper-proof lids on an ad hoc basis and is provided with a unique fitting head. It operates through a three-stage step-by-step process, based on a rotor provided with a recessed plate.

Machine operation:

This lidding machine is provided with a unique application head and operates through a three-stage step-by-step process based on a rotor provided with a recessed plate. Firstly, the recesses receive the cans one by one. Then, through a 90° rotation, the plate conveys a can with it to the second station. In the upper position and simultaneously with this movement, a second plate brings a tamper-proof lid or “hinge cap” which was conveyed by an air conveyor. A pusher operated by one electric cylinder then activates the lowering of the lid onto the can, while another positions a tool allowing the flaring of the lid skirt. Finally, once the can is capped with its lid and the cylinders are raised again, the third stage in the cycle is followed by a further 90° rotation allowing the can to be evacuated onto the outfeed conveyor.


  • Oversized digital electric cylinders,
  • Compact lidding machine,
  • Motor-driven height adjustment,
  • Format change by quick-locking tools,
  • Compatible with rectangular cans

Operating on an ad hoc basis, this machine for tamper-proof lids is the compact equivalent of our faster, continuously operating multi-headed C77. For medium and high speeds, it would be better to opt for the latter.


  • Reduced rate <60c/mn
  • Tamper evident caps
  • tight skirt cap
  • scoop-cap