scew capping machine


Machine for fitting screw caps. Operation on an ad hoc basis.

The C912 allows the fitting of screw caps and is provided with a patented annular head which enables precise control of the tightening torque.

Machine operation:

A rotor provided with a recessed plate is designed to receive jars or other containers arriving on an infeed conveyor.

Through a 90° rotation, the plate conveys a jar with it to the second station. At this station, the screw caps are waiting in a slide.
A system of cylinders lowers an annular head in which the cap is inserted. The head rotates and lowers the lid onto the neck of the jar, and when the desired tightening torque is reached, the head rises again. The cycles are followed by a further rotation of 90° and the closed cans are evacuated onto the outfeed conveyor.


  • Patented annular head,
  • Accurate control of tightening torques,
  • Compact,
  • Format change by quick-locking tools

This machine for fitting screw caps is also a capper compatible with containers such as jars, cans and other receptacles made of glass, wood, plastic or metal.


  • Screw caps only
  • Plastic, metal, glass
  • Jars, containers