Snap Cap capping machine for fitting flexible, capping lids.

The C7B type rotary capper allows the fitting of flexible and capped lids.

Machine operation:

Cans arrive on an infeed conveyor that also serves as an outfeed conveyor. They are placed in a carousel using an infeed star wheel. At the outfeed, a second star wheel transfers them back to the conveyor.

Lids are conveyed via an air conveyor and are then put on hold by retaining clamps at the end of an inclined slide. The height is manually or electrically adjustable in the capping machine so that lids are flush with the cans running through the turntable. The cans remove their own lids themselves one by one. Lids are pushed under a pressure plate to complete their positioning precisely.

On request, at the capper outfeed, a lid colour and quality control station with ejection can be provided.


  • Simplicity (no cams or pushers),
  • Adjustable number of recesses allowing speeds from modest to very high,
  • Fast format change through limited tool change and quick locks,
  • Adjustment to product height by manual or electrical movements,
  • Proven experience, with more than 150 capping machines in service worldwide.


  • Caps with straight skirt
  • Snap caps type
  • Cans - tins - Bowls
  • All shapes - All materials