As the undisputed leader in terms of speed and versatility, the C31fs allows the positioning/sorting of lids or caps and is suitable for many applications.

Machine operation:
The requirement is that the products to be processed must have an offset centre of gravity or in other words, that one side is heavier than the other, in order to be able select them by gravity.
Without using a complex, cumbersome and expensive multi-axis robotic system, we are able to position many objects, including DVD boxes, on a single side. With the exception of glass and other brittle components, all materials can be considered, from the lightest thermoformed plastic to steel, ordinary plastic, wood or cardboard.

Like its C31L compact junior, this C31FS positioner/sorter is provided with selection plates mounted on a rotating drum. It can, in fact, position, sort and guide products of all sizes. Format changes can be made in 3 minutes with no need for an instruction manual, through intuitive settings and precise markings. Its large hopper provides it with a high level of self-sufficiency. Products are fed back to the outfeed by our air conveyors to be conveyed in the continuity of your process or to our capping and lidding machines.

The C31fs lid or cap positioner/sorter is available in two main versions:

  • In the modular version: the hopper is placed under the positioning/sorting system, which is raised. This reduces its floor space requirement. The product outfeed is located at a height of about 2.5 metres.
  • In the “flat” version: the hopper is adjacent to the positioning/sorting system and is offered sliding on rails in four possible directions. This meets all your installation requirements and optimizes the position of the loading station.

Given its usability and accessibility at floor level, the “flat” version is the one most widely used.


  • Scoop cap, lid, overcap
  • Any product having a heavier side
  • small products
  • big products
  • Low and high rate