Lidding machine for penetrating or capping lids. Interlocking of specific products.

Cans arrive on an infeed conveyor that also serves as an outfeed conveyor. They are placed in a carousel using an infeed star wheel, while on the outfeed a second star wheel returns them to the conveyor. Unlike the C7b, the C7d lidding machine has a second turntable at the top and receives lids from an air conveyor. These are gradually lowered by cam-operated pushers so as to be properly fitted to the cans.

By design, this machine can also be used to interlock or assemble certain products into each other.


  • very robust cam-operated pusher system,
  • number of recesses chosen on each lidding machine to allow speeds from modest to very high,
  • fast format change through limited tool change and quick locks,
  • adjustment to product height by manual or electrical movements,
  • proven experience


  • Flexible or rigid lids - all materials
  • penetrating lids or covering with flared skirt
  • tins - cans - bowls - all shapes
  • products to assemble