Compact and cost-effective model, reserved for products of reduced size and/or at modest speeds for medium-sized products.

This compact lid and cap positioner/sorter is of recent design. This is a “light” model in terms of cost and floor space. It incorporates the long-standing technologies that made the success of its predecessors, while being provided with the latest developments such as the internal air conveyor for product extraction on air cushions, on a friction-free, wear-free and dust-free basis.
It is compatible with all kinds of products, provided that they can be selected by gravity. Depending on the product size and the desired speed, the C31fs positioner/sorter may be required.
With an integrated fixed hopper and small selection plates mounted on a rotating drum, this compact lid and cap positioner/sorter can be installed in even the most confined spaces.


  • Caps, lids
  • Any products with one side heavier
  • Small to medium size products
  • Limited rate for bigger products