Machine for fitting angularly-positioned lids.

This C77sco machine for the fitting of angularly-positioned lids follows the basic principle of the C77. The main difference is that the C77sco has turntables that rotate the cans about themselves up to an angle calculated so that the can’s graphics are always positioned identically to the lid’s geometry or graphics. This improves the presentation of your products on shelves. In addition, in the case of hinged lids of the “hinge cap” or “scoop cap” type, the can’s main graphics are always facing the end consumer when they open their can. This makes for a perfect presentation.


  • Very robust cam-operated pusher system,
  • Up to 16 heads to allow speeds from modest to high,
  • Format change by fast locking tools,
  • Adjustment to product height by electrical movements,
  • Optional checking of the barcode of cans.

As our design department’s latest addition, our angularly-positioned lid fitting machine has already been installed successfully at several sites in Europe, Asia and New Zealand.


  • hinge caps / scoop caps / flip top
  • cap design or opening aligned to can artwork
  • flexible or ridig lids
  • tamper evident caps or not