Bottle positioner/sorter with single-lane outfeed/C4-1SF type

Our bottle positioner/sorter extracts bottles, jars, salt shakers or other elongated shapes contained in bulk in a hopper and places them on a single lane in the right direction. Bottles and jars can be extracted by taking them by the neck to an air conveyor. Other products without necks can be placed on a pallet chain conveyor, or positioned in cups if angular positioning is required. For multi-lane sorting, the C4-XC bottle and jar straightener is more suitable.

On the infeed, a hopper is filled manually by an operator (or automatically) via a conveyor from a storage area. Products are transferred in a controlled way, to an area where gripping bars with keyways raise them to retain only products which are upside down. At their highest point, products tip over onto the right side and descend for accumulation in buffer lanes. They are fed transversely according to the possibilities described above by a dual synchronized unstacking system.

Highly variable according to the shape and size of products, non-vibrating bowl technology with multiple-lane selection allows high speeds of up to several tens of thousands of units per hour. The principle is very useful at lower speeds, as the number of selection lanes can be reduced as required to limit manufacturing costs.

One geared motor controls the feed belt from the hopper to the bottle positioner/sorter, while a second one controls the movement of two automatically tensioned and parallel guided lines. They include gripping bars attached at their ends. Cylinders operate the unstacker.
The structure and most parts are made of microblasted stainless steel.

Format change and adjustment of the bottle positioner/sorter:
Settings are very visual, fast and practical through the use of handwheels with encoder markings or even faster via brushless motors (optional) in the event of very frequent format changes (only for products of the same size range).


  • Bottle, Container
  • All products with elongated shape
  • Orientation of sprout, shape...
  • All type of industry