automatic magazin feed belt


Automatic warehouse

In order to make your destackers more autonomous, we offer you an automatic warehouse with a battery supply belt.
The length of the latter is adapted according to the rate of depilation and the desired frequency of human intervention.

PRINCIPLE: The operator places a complete batch of stacks vertically and at ground level on the accumulation belt. When a stack being unstacked approaches its low level, an airlock opens and the belt introduces a new stack on hatches. Then, the airlock closes and the doors retract to allow the new stack to be placed on the previous one before it is completely emptied.  In masked time, the mat moves one step forward and places the next stack in front of the airlock.

Production continuity is ensured and the operator is available for other tasks.


  • Pile of buckets, containers
  • Piles of trays, plates
  • Infeed of denester