Sorting and Unscrambling Machine for Caps and more

Devices for guiding and positioning lids and other bulk objects in the right direction.

The devices below automatically guide and sort bulk products. All the products of these devices are versatile, low maintenance and efficient, and are fed to the outfeed by air conveyors.

Frames and most mechanical parts are made of microblasted stainless steel, with housings made of plexiglass and with motor gears being lubricated with edible oil. Technologies are chosen to simplify, make use more reliable and reduce maintenance to a strict minimum. No lubrication is required.

Our range for the positioning/sorting of caps/lids, cans and other bulk objects includes a storage hopper into which the operator empties complete boxes of bulk products. Loading is very fast and is carried out with the machine running.
Bulk products are taken by a belt and fed onto moving plates (drum). These plates, the inclination of which is adjusted for gravity selection of products, with products the wrong way round falling back into the drums and those the right way round remaining on the plates. They are then fed onto an internal air conveyor.
The continuity of product flow throughout your process is provided on a friction-free, wear-free and therefore dust-free basis by other air conveyors.
Our technology, which does not use a vibrating bowl, is internationally recognized and makes us one of the leaders in the field of positioning/sorting of caps/lids, cans and other bulk objects.