Air Conveyor

The frictionless air conveyor provides for ideal conveyance of your products in your process.

The air conveyor is made of hollow anodized formed sections in which blown air flows at low pressure. The air is fed out through small inclined holes in the conveyor surface and propels your products forward. All straight sections, bends and vertical curves are custom-made and assembled for full integration into your production site. Your products, conveyed on an air cushion, are never compressed even over very long accumulations.

Compared to belt conveyors, our air conveyor offers great advantages in terms of maintenance and reliability, and optimizes operating comfort:

  • ascents, descents and curves are virtually unlimited,

  • high-speed conveyance,

  • no product wear and tear,

  • no dust,

  • minimum thrust and deformation even with large accumulations.

The air conveyor is a guarantee of quality, and has become the essential link in a modern production line. Other than in cases of rare incompatibility, we systematically include it between our positioners/sorters and our lid fitting machines