Laurent S.A.

Machines for industrial packaging lines

For more than 40 years, Laurent SA has been supporting SMEs and large industrial groups in the design and construction of packaging machines. As an internationally recognized expert, Laurent SA offers you solutions tailored to each of your problems:

  • positioning and sorting of bulk caps/lids,
  • fitting of caps/lids to products with the possibility of angular positioning,
  • unstacking of trays, jars, lids/caps or tubs,
  • feeding magazines,
  • industrial vision product inspection systems, with ejection of defective products,
  • air conveyors for lids, caps and other products
  • straightening and positioning/sorting of bulk bottles and jars,
  • positioning/sorting, interlocking or assembling of various products,

From design to production initiation, we support you in your projects and guide you towards straightforward, scalable solutions.

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Machine for fitting angularly-positioned lids – Type C77sco

The angularly oriented cover fitting machine is one of the latest creations of our design offices. Particularly suitable for hinged lids, it allows the angular orientation of lids, more precise but also more aesthetic. The decoration and the opening of the lid are positioned opposite the main graphics of the box which allows a more attractive presentation within the shelves.