Capper, tamper-evident overcapper and closing machine



Watch well among these pictures :
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penetrating or inner caps
         overcaped products, assembled products
snap-on tamper evident


The following placing machines will enable you to fit, all your caps to your cans, jars or containers.
They can also slot products together.
All of these machines are multi-purpose, silent, high performance, minimum maintenance and readily accessible.
All multi-format and robust stainless steel construction.

C7B rotary capper.

Design for enclosing caps (snap-on type).

Hope to cells machined in a turntable, complicated shapes and flexible containers can be admitted.
When defiling each container extracts its own cap witch is pressed with a plate just after.

Format changeover by replacement of reduced tooling.
Speed higher than 600 c/mn.



rotary capper 

For enclosing special caps or penetrating caps.
Assembly of various products.

Cans and caps (or other parts to assemble) are driven in turntables.
Cam actuated plungers push down the caps to perfectly fit to the can.

Speed up to 400 c/mn.



C7B+D rotary capper 

Dual rotor and double lids arrival for reduced space ground.

From only one can conveyor this machine combine a rotor type C7B and a second rotor type C7D and 2 different caps inlet.


snap-on tamper evident overcapper

C77 tamper-evident or rigid spoon-caps capper

Derived from C7D model this is intended for applications
involving caps with extended skirt.
Snap-on can also be accepted most of time.



For the most elegant presentation of your products

It is a variant of the model C77
and it 
angularly orientates lids
compare to cans graphism
The most demanded for hinged lids
and spoon-caps in dairy milk industry.


C10 placing, inserting or assembling machine

Indexed rotor for reduced rates and reduced footprint.
Built-in product denester is provided but independent f
eeder can be supported.

For enclosing or penetrating products.



C912 twist-off capping machine, screw capper with dry vaccum option

Rotary model with patented annular heads and torque control.
Up to 20 heads.


screwed caps, dry vacuum enclosure