Cap sorter and flat product orientor

Have a good look at these photos :
you will certainly see a product which is similar to your application.


Throw your products in the hopper and the device will orientate them
automatically on an air conveyor to your downstream machinery
     These machines are solidly constructed of stainless steel.
They are very
versatile, reliable, scalable and also very easy to maintain and adjust


compact sorter with built-in lifting hopper.

Economic model for reduced speed and/or small products.


C31 cap sorter
High performance for most lids and other flat products.

Simplicity and very fast setting characterize this unit.
Available as a standard or fast speed (FS) model.



Modular version with integrated hopper and reduced footprint.


This flat model is fully accessible from ground level. Its large 1m³ autonomy  hopper can be installed at 0° at 90° or at 180°. As it is mobile on rails, access to the inside is very easy.


C32 cap sorter for difficult conditions

Dedicated design particularly suitable to large diameter lids, thin or difficult profile.
Final selection by means of mechanical fingers.

Version with mobile hopper on rails for a very good access.
Also available as a modular version with integrated hopper for a reduced footprint